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Tweens / Teens

This is a special show geared specifically to a more mature audience of tweens and teens ages 10 to 18. At that age they are too old for a “kiddie” show and too young for an “adult” show. Make sure before hiring any magician that they are performing a show specifically designed for this age group to avoid disaster and disappointment.

I can provide your choice of magic, mentalism (mental magic), or a custom blend of both. It features a more intense style of magic and mentalism. Much like they would expect to see David Blaine or Chris Angel perform. This show is also suitable for adults and young children as well but is really geared towards the tween/teenage group. Perfect for older birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, pool parties, sweet 16’s, sleepovers, etc.

I have performed successfully for hundreds of teen events; I am clean cut and my material is always “family friendly”. Great for tweens/teens, this style of magic has a tendency to intrigue the cleverest of all skeptics or enthusiasts alike.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Crane was right on time and was ready with great mind tricks and magic for my 11-year-old son's birthday. It was a last minute booking, and he was available to communicate the needs of our party. He was flexible and kept their attention during the show.
Kristin Kavanaugh
He Saved the Day!
My Daughter is a 10-year-old skeptic and she was totally captivated with her friends thank you Bill for a great job!
Alex Lencina
Bill did a great job at our birthday party
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