Bill's Magic

Mind Games Stage Show

A mix of Mentalism and “Mind Over Matter Techniques” this show features an amazing look into the human mind. The show begins with Bill reading the minds of volunteers! He also sends his thoughts to volunteers, predicts the outcome of events before they happen and “sees” through the eyes of subjects! These types of performances can be tailored or customized for your event. Bill’s Mind Games show involves a lot of comedy, audience participation, and usually runs from 45 – 90 minutes in length. This show relies on Bill’s ability to create a friendly environment where his subjects provide the true entertainment. This form of entertainment is ideal for Senior Groups, Civic Groups, Dinner Shows, Stage Shows, and Award Banquets.

Client Testimonials

Bill did a fantastic job at our event this week. He held a large crowd in an outdoor venue. He was engaging, and interactive with the audience. He was a pleasure to deal with. He called in advance to make sure he got all the details down pat. He answered all our questions with patience and I’d highly recommend him.
Great performance!
Bill got the whole crowd involved! We kept waiting to see what was going to be next. We really enjoyed his show and definitely recommend him! (He came on time and not everyone was there and he patiently waited till all our guests arrived.)
Chaya Raksin
He was the highlight of our event!
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