Bill's Magic



For children ranging in age from 5-16. I can perform a mix of the styles below.

Magic Show

I have been performing children's magic in South Florida for over thirty years and I guarantee to get the kids rolling on the floor with laughter and cheering with excitement. I provide a fun environment where children get to laugh, scream and cheer. Perfect for children ages five to ten, this fun-packed show of colorful magic awaits your child and his or her friends. Perfect for birthday parties, picnics, communions, and family gatherings.

Professor Bumblemann's Magic & Wizardry show

A Harry Potter Style show. This show features Professor Bumblemann, a Hogwarts-style professor (with professor's robes from house Gryffindor) who does both Wizard magic and Muggle magic. The children will often see through the Muggle magic but Bumblemann always makes it come out right with the Wizard magic! Suited for children nine and older.

Balloon Twisting

I can twist a variety of things from a single balloon. This allows me to do more items per hour. Objects include dogs, bunnies, lightsabers, pirate swords, giraffes, poodles, and many, many more!

Games and Activities Master

I can provide a variety of fun and interactive games and activities for all ages. Simple games for the younger children like Simon Says & Red Rover and more grown-up games for the tween's and teens like three-legged race and tug a war.

Pool Parties

I even have a variety of games and activities that can be played in and around the pool!

Mix - and - Match

Just choose the number of hours you would like me to entertain and the items you would like me to perform and I will customize the service to your event. For example, choose a one-hour magic show followed by an hour of games and activities in and around the pool!

Client Testimonials

Bill did a great job for our 4 year old son's birthday. He entertained the kids, keeping their attention throughout his show. After twisting balloons he then proceeded to mingle with the adult crowd, entertaining them with many fun card tricks and illusions. I would highly recommend Bill.
Dermot Ryan
Engaging, fun and adaptable
Bill entertained, in a wonderful way, 13 children ages 3-9 for over an hour! The children and parents were so pleased with his show. He made our birthday party for our 7 year old granddaughter/daughter a complete success. We heartily recommend his services.
Judy Montesi
Children's Birthday Party.