Bill's Magic


Adults Magic and Mentalism

Adults are the most discerning of audiences. Simple magic just won’t do and they are easily bored by card tricks and coin tricks. As a performer for over 30 years, I have collected the very best adult magic which is guaranteed to blow away your audience no matter how discerning they are. I have performed for celebrities including baseball great Hank Aaron, actress Liv Ullman, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and many more. 

Depending on your needs and preferences I can perform a mix of any of the styles below.

Intimate close-up

This type of magic is performed in an intimate environment where I am performing for less than 5 people at a time. This style magic is perfect for a small group or family in a living room environment


This style of magic is just like close-up magic except I’m strolling from group to group in a cocktail party environment, table to table in a restaurant, or cocktail hour for a banquet.

Living Room

Parlor Show

In this case I will generally be performing for less than 20 people in a living room setting.

Stage show

In this case I am performing for a larger number of people all at one time. This could be a dinner show, theater show, or anywhere a group of people are watching all at the same time.

I also perform mentalism

If you prefer, I can perform mentalism. With this style of “Mental Magic”, I will read the minds of volunteers and do it successfully! I will also send my thoughts to volunteers who will successfully read my mind! Finally, I will accurately predict the outcome of events before they happen! By the time I complete this presentation, you will believe in a sixth sense! This form of magic is also available in close-up, strolling, parlor, and stage show varieties.

Client Testimonials

Bill is independent, gregarious, fun, witty and professional. He made the evening a success! Thank you Bill!
Barbara Ahearn
This was the first time I hired any talent to work a party. It was for a 50th birthday and we had loads of fun and lots of laughs. It was a surprise for the birthday girl and our guests had a blast. Bill is worth investing in for your next event. I highly recommend it.
Nicole Marefka